Come for an exciting and refreshing teambuilding in Antwerp. Challenge your colleagues to escape an Escape Room. Team spirit and collaboration are of the utmost importance.

challenge your teams

Escape games are an excellent way to put your team to the test. You enter a strange and intriguing environment in which cooperation, communication and creative thinking are crucial to bring your mission to a successful end. A slow-ticking clock is counting down the minutes and keeping you on your toes. Adrenaline and fun are guaranteed. The high after a successful escape is incredible!

The quality of these escape games is outstanding. Challenges like an escape room our fun.

of the highest quality

Our escape rooms include an overarching mystery, everything is connected. Creative and logical thinking, an associative ability and a practical mind are indispensable. Cooperation is not optional and effective communication under stress is of vital importance. You won’t get out on your own, and to clock up an impressive time is impossible without strong group dynamics.

You can find us in the stunning historic building 'the bouy workshop'. A beautiful location on the waterfront in the center of Antwerp.


We are situated in the stunning historic building 'the bouy workshop'. Inside this old workshop on the waterfront of the city the bouys on the Scheldt were serviced. The building has a gorgeous facade, quite some history, and is located in the quarter 'het eilandje' in the city center of Antwerp. In the neighbourhood 'het eilandje' you can find some of Antwerp's nicest cafe's and restaurants.

A team building in an escape room is possible starting from 4 participants.
We can organise activities for your company for groups up to 40 persons.
This is a teambuilding inside an escape game.
Trendy teambuilding.
Escape games are hot.

Escape rooms are an excellent activity for a team building.

An escape room is an interesting option for a corporate activity or a team building.

Our escape rooms can accomodate 6 poeple each.

Larger groups can spread themselves over several escape games.

Each escape room has a capacity up to 6 players. Each escape game also features a different theme.

De kraakfabriek Escape Games has capabilities for teambuilding

A challenging teambuild at De Kraakfabriek escape games in Antwerp

amount of players per hour

practical info

The escape games are played in teams of 4 to 6 participants. The duration of one game is 1 hour. We have two escape games, and consequently can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants per hour. It is also possible to organise multiple shifts.

For the actual time spent on the premises you will have to add another half hour. If you include the reception, briefing and debriefing, the activity will take 1.5 hours.

Price per game: 120€

When? A team building can be organised whenever you like, during or outside of the fixed opening hours.

Send an email to for a reservation or for more information.

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Our escape room are games filled with wonder and adrenaline. Test your team, and see how they perform under pressure. Your team will discover skills and become closer.