The Illusionist

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The central puzzle in Escape Room The Illusionist in Antwerp is a visually and technically appealing challenge.

his last show

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Rise! This is the grandest show in history of the illustrous Antoon -Hyperion- Ackerman!"

This is the way Antoon -a selfdeclared master Illusionist- announced his grandest and final last show ever.

As part of the most advanced escape game in Antwerp we find a very special figure: The Illusionist.

the illusionist

Antoon was grown and raised in Antwerp and got inspired by the world of tricks and illusions as a boy. The young Antoon wasn't shy, he seized every opportunity to astonish his friends and family.

After reaching adulthood he travelled to world searching for succes, acknowledgement and appreciation as 'The Great Hyperion'.

The newest and best escape room in Belgium looks like this. We see a fortune teller making mysterious predictions about your future.

the very last

His very last show is something special... He has passed away, and he left something very special behind: His final show. The show was made to awe the audience into eternity, full of masterful trics and illusions... But not everything is what it seems, are you ready to take up the challenge?

Een sfeerbeeld van escape game de illusionist in Antwerpen. We zien een leuke mechanische puzzel. Uiterst geschikt voor teambuilding.

asseble your team

Bring a group of friends, colleagues or with family! You will need them, because in order to unravel all of this mystery, team work is of vital importance.

The minimal amount of players for this escape room is 2.
The minimal amount of colleagues to bring to escape room the illusionist is 2.
The minimal amount of players for this escape room is 2.

The optimal amount of players for escape room The Illusionist is 4.

The best group to play the escape game the illusionist in antwerp comprises of 5 persons.

The maximum team size for this escape room is 6 players.

amount of players

                            The quality and finish of the number 1 escape room in Antwerp is impressive. This foto displays an element of an adrenaline filled puzzle.

practical info

You get 60 minutes to overcome the challenges in ‘The Illusionist’: An hour full of mystery, puzzles and adrenaline. The entire activity, including the reception, briefing and debriefing, takes 1.5 hour.


This escape room can be played in both English or Dutch.

how to book?

One escape game in ‘The Illusionist costs 120€. You can book a game online via the booking page on this website.

An escape game is exciting and exhilarating. The clock ticks, adrenaline rushes, and you depend on your teammates to solve puzzles like this sundial.