The Heist

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A peek inside of the escape room The Heist in Antwerp. This escape game features and interesting game dynamic. You can see the unique desk the arms-dealer who rents this office had made for him.

the blitzstein heist

Herbert ‘Fat Herbie’ Blitzstein is a notorious businessman who is the head of the Blitzstein Imperium. Not a lot is known about Fat Herbie since he avoids public appearances and runs his business from his office. He is supposed to be outrageously rich, but in fact, no one knows how he makes his money.

Inside the best escape game in Antwerp you can discover these mysterious golden monkeys. Nothins is as it seems inside of this escape room.

the job

Fat Herbie has an extensive collection of antiques from all over the world. The exact size of this collection or which specific pieces he has in his possession is unknown. He does not shun the not so legal acquiring techniques to expand his collection.

What is known, is that he has one key piece, which is incredibly well-protected. No one has ever seen this piece, but legend has it that Fat Herbie is so attached to it, that he keeps it somewhere in his office. Your job is to steal this object and to leave without being seen. Are you doing this by order of the rightful owner or are you just as bad as Herbert Blitzstein? The choice is yours...

You can see the ceiling of the escape game The Heist. It is part of a large and complex puzzle.

assemble your team

Bring a group of friends, colleagues or with family! You will need them, because in order to succeed in the heast team work is of vital importance.

The mimimum amount of players for the escape room The Heist is 4.
The mimimum amount of players for the escape game The Heist is 4.
The mimimum amount of participants for the escape room The Heist is 4.
The mimimum amount of participants for the escape game The Heist is 4.
The optimal team size for the escape room the heist in De Kraakfabriek antwerp is 5 persons.

The maximum team size for this escape room is 6.

amount of players

This security terminal will need to be breached in order to achieve your goals in the escape game The Heist. It is a complex electronic riddle.

practical info

You get 60 minutes to finish the break-in in ‘The Heist’: An hour full of mystery, challenges and adrenaline. The entire activity, including the reception, briefing and debriefing, takes 1.5 hour.


This escape room can be played in both English or Dutch.

how to book?

One escape game in ‘The Heist’ costs 120€. You can book a game online via the booking page on this website. BOOK NOW

An escape game is much more than a serieus of simple riddles. Prepare to be amazed.