The Bunker

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The first challenge of the game the bunker finds itself on the entrance wall: In order to get inside of the escape room you will have to find your way through a giant maze which holds the keys for the door.

nuclear disaster

Imagine… A nuclear incident occurs in the Antwerp area. You cannot escape the area altogether, but are part of a group of people who are lucky enough to find themselves near our fallout shelter when disaster strikes. Can you manage to find your way into the bunker? Will you succeed in turning on all the vital systems in the bunker? Will you survive the disaster?

The immersive environment inside the escape room The Bunker in De Kraakfabriek in Antwerpen is astonishing. Are you ready to try this exciting new activity with your friend or family.

assemble your team

Come with a group of friends, colleagues or with family! You will need them, because in order to survive the nuclear disaster, team work is of vital importance.

The minimum amount of players for our escape room the bunker is 3.
The minimum amount of players for our escape game the bunker is 3.
The minimum amount of participants for our escape room the bunker is 3.
The optimal amount of players for our escape game The Bunker in Antwerp is 4.

A good team size for the escape room the bunker is 5 persons.

The maximum amount of participants for the escape game the bunker is 6.

amount of players

A photograph of the high-quality finish and furniture inside the escape room the bunker in Antwerp. This is a real photo.

practical info

An escape game in ‘The Bunker’ means 60 minutes full of challenge, adrenaline and amazement. The whole duration of the activity, including the reception, briefing and debriefing, is 1.5 hours.


This escape room can be played in both English or Dutch.

how to book?

One escape game in ‘The Bunker’ costs 120€. You can book a game online via the booking page on this website.

An escape game is an exciting activity. The clock inside the room is ticking. Kind of like being stuck inside a submarine.