Frequently Asked Questions

Each escape game has a minimum, optimal and maximum number of participants. You can find these numbers in the descriptions of the rooms: The Heist, The Bunker and The Illusionist. The minimum is determined by the nature of the puzzles and the challenges in the room. We also impose a maximum number of participants in order to ensure the quality of the experience.
You can find the available time slots on our booking page. The booking of an escape game is to be done online, via our booking page. Should you experience any problems when booking, or if you have a specific question or wish, please do not hesitate to contact us via
You can find our precautions against the spread of the coronavirus here.
What is more fun than to receive a night out with friends as a gift? We’d love to send you, or the lucky person, a unique and original voucher. Contact us via and we’ll gladly talk about it!
After completing your booking, you will receive a confirmation mail within 10 minutes. This email is proof that your booking has been confirmed. In case of any doubt, or if you have not received this email, you can contact us via
We are located in a historic building on the waterfront known as the bouy workshop. You can find the exact address on the contact page.
Yes and no! According to the scenario of the game you will be, but each escape room has a separate emergency exit door that can be opened at all times by the participants.
The minimum age requirement to participate without adults is 16. Naturally, children under 16 are also welcome, but should always be accompanied by an adult. A minimum of two adult participants is required if your group consists of children under 16.
The escape game itself takes 60 minutes at most. You are expected at the hour for which you have made a booking, but are welcome to arrive up to a quarter of an hour in advance. In that case, you can take a seat in our lounge. Afterwards, we can also give a brief explanation, if you should wish so.
Don't worry. All our escape rooms are outfitted with a climate control system. During the summer we use air conditioning, and in winter time we have heating.
We only accept electronic payments. These have to be done online, during the checkout process on the booking page on our website. We accept bancontact, a creditcard or Ideal.
The language of the riddles and challenges in our escape rooms are universal. Where language does matter there is an English translation present. All our escape games can be played both in Dutch and in English.
Our escape games are certainly not scary. The intention is to experience an exciting scenario in a unique setting. The themes of our rooms are not scary. Moreover, you can always leave the room via a special exit door, should this be necessary.
No, our challenges are certainly not physically demanding. There are also always possibilities to sit down during the game. To complete the challenge, however, it is of course important to be able to handle the pressure and to remain focussed!
All our escape games are equipped with a climate control system. This means we are using airconditioning when it is hot, and heating when it is cold.
Of course this is possible. If you would like an invoice, you can leave your VAT info during the reservation process. If you provide us with all the necessary information, we will send the invoice in digital format. Upon demand payment can also be completed via transfer.
We are located in a histoic building, this poses some difficulties in terms of accessibility. The escape rooms are accessible to people with impeded mobility, but not all rooms are equally accessible to persons in wheelchairs. We are trying to remedy this in the future. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.
Nothing! De Kraakfabriek is just our new guise. The content remains the same! Naturally, we have kept our core values: solid and original experiences in which good game dynamics, a strong execution and clever finishing touches are central. Our new guise is also symbolic of how we have evolved from a hobby that got out of hand to a professional organisation.
You need to be 100% alert for our escape games! Besides the fact that it won’t be beneficial to your own personal experience, our escapes games are not tipsy-proof. We reserve the right to refuse any person appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
We accept BEFEB vouchers. Though these are not compatible with our online booking system. Contact us before you make any reservation at with the information on your voucher. We will make sure your booking is scheduled and the payment is processed.
Yes! We come and we go! Our escape games could already be played in the summer of 2016… Missed your chance? No worries: You have your chance now. Because we - and you - have clearly acquired a taste for escape rooms, we have now found a new location. Until the end of May 2018, we were located in the former post office building on the Groenplaats in Antwerp, the same building that houses, among others, the food market Mercado. Now, you can find us in the bouy workshop on the waterfront in Antwerp.
This photograph gives a feel of the atmosphere inside one of the most fun activities in Antwerp: one of the best escape rooms of De Kraakfabriek.